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Testing Children and Babies for COVID-19

MidwifeTesting Children and Babies for COVID-19

Meet Rosemary

Erina Respiratory Clinic would like to introduce you to one of our many highly trained and skilled nurses and midwives, Rosemary.

With over 25 years of experience in nursing, midwifery and child and family health, Rosemary has a wealth of knowledge and experience. In addition, Rosemary has been taking swabs for COVID-19 from babies and children since the Erina Respiratory Clinic opened in May, 2020.

Why Testing Babies is Different

Babies have much smaller airways and a more delicate anatomy compared to adults, and for this reason we have midwives available at the Erina clinic to take swabs from babies requiring COVID-19 tests. Midwives and nurses have experience and skills in interacting with babies, infants and their parents, and can instruct the parents on safe ways to hold their babies and young children in order to obtain the swab. This is difficult to do if they are in a car seat at a drive through clinic. 

“… as a parent you can be confident in knowing that your child will be swabbed by a highly qualified health professional”

Children may need more than one swab during the pandemic, so minimising the discomfort and making the swab as pleasant an experience as possible is important. At the Erina clinic, midwives and nurses pay particular attention to specific guidelines in relation to the swabbing technique and the age of the child in order to protect their small airways. Our nurses and midwives are highly trained, so as a parent you can be confident in knowing that your child will be swabbed by a highly qualified health professional, in a safe, clean and friendly environment.

Registered Nurses and GP’s Undertake all Testing

The Erina Respiratory Clinic is led by local GP’s and supported by experienced nursing and administration staff, with the capacity to test over 300 patients per day.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality care to the central coast community by offering an Onsite Doctor. The Doctor is available to see anyone with respiratory concerns, fevers, or are unwell while they are attending for their COVID-19 test.