What is Recovery Coach?

Recovery Coaches give hope to participants with psychosocial disability and support them on their journey towards recovery.

Recovery Coaches have experience helping people with:

  • Mental illness and psychosocial disability
  • Personal recovery
  • Mental health services and systems
  • Challenges involved with navigating these systems, like the NDIS

We work together with you, your Mental Health Occupational Therapists, carers and family to develop a Recovery Plan.

Your recovery plan builds on and complements your NDIS plan, to increase your independence and resilience.

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For information about changes to service delivery due to COVID-19, please view our COVID-19 Information.


Recovery Coach

Why choose us for Recovery Coach?

  • We support you with your individual recovery plan
  • We provide recovery-enabled relationships and skilled coaching
  • We document your recovery journey for NDIS reporting
  • Our Recovery Coaches have years of experience supporting recovery goals
  • We help you get through the challenging times
Recovery Coach