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Service Locations: Central Coast | Mid-Coast

What is PRIMA?

PRIMA is the program that takes the referral from your GP and we make sure that we match you to the right practitioner in the community. This includes people living in Residential Aged Care Facilities as well as in the community.

PRIMA will help your access the care that is right for your individual needs. PRIMA reviews all referrals and links them to services.

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PRIMA is an Access and Referral Services for mental health referrals. This program is for people experiencing significant financial hardship.

If you have a patient that presents with depression or anxiety, or even more complex Mental Health disorders, such a bi-polar or schizophrenia that are not acute, you can submit a referral to the PRIMA team, via the referral portal. The PRIMA team will treatment-match the patient with an appropriate service provider.

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