Peer Worker Program

What is the Peer Worker Program?

As people with lived experience of mental illness or caring for a person with mental illness, peer workers are specially trained to support you. They have ‘been there’ and understand what it is like. They are in a unique position to offer hope and share insights, strategies and knowledge.

A peer worker can support you with:

  • Regaining independence
  • Achieving goals
  • Being active, social, and involved in your community
  • Accessing resources, programs, and services
  • Identifying strengths and coping strategies.

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About the Peer Worker Program

Peer workers are people with lived experience of mental illness and recovery.

The Peer Support Program is a partnership between Central Coast Primary Care and the Local Health District Mental Health Services. Our peer workers can provide support, advocacy, and information to people who are currently receiving treatment and support from the Local Health District clinical mental health team.