Peer Support Program

Peer Support Program

Service Locations: Central Coast | Mid-Coast

What is the Peer Support Program?

As Peer Workers, we are people with lived experience of mental illness or caring for a person with mental illness. We are specially trained to support you.

Because we have ‘been there’, we understand what it is like. We are in a unique position to offer hope and share insights, strategies and knowledge.

We are proof that recovery is achievable and would like to offer you support with your own recovery to achieve the life you would like.

We can meet with you to talk things through and listen without judgement.

Peer Workers are not clinicians and do not provide clinical advice or information. Peer Workers are people with lived experience of mental illness and recovery.

We can support you with:

  • regaining independence
  • achieving goals
  • being active, social, and involved in your community
  • accessing resources, programs, and services
  • identifying strengths and coping strategies

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For information about changes to service delivery due to COVID-19, please view our COVID-19 Information.


About the Peer Support Program

People recovering from mental illness face many barriers in their recovery and may be uncertain or despondent about the path before them. The Peer Support Program can provide them with additional support from someone who has been there.

Adding Peer Workers to your clients in Clinical Care Coordination will help you to add specific goals for the client. If you want your client to get out during the week, the Peer Worker can meet them for coffee, encourage them to meet their goals and spend time with them for emotional support.

This optional addition to the program is not meant to replace the valuable clinical work that you are doing with these complex clients. Peer workers are a complimentary, side by side service to help increase client outcomes in psychosocial domains.