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How does the NDIS work?

The NDIS supports people with a permanent and significant disability that affects their ability to take part in everyday activities.
There’s 5 parts to it that we’ve outlined below.


Are you eligible for an NDIS package? Check the NDIS Requirements section on their website. Have you completed an NDIA Access Request Form? This will help prove to the NDIS that you meet their criteria. You will need documentation here to support.

You will have to prepare for the planning meeting with NDIS to discuss your goals. CCPC can help you prepare to ensure you get a strong outcome.
There is some good information on the NDIS website about this stage.

NDIS Meeting

Make sure you book this well in advance and are well prepared to discuss your goals and have the relevant documentation. CCPC often accompany people for this step. You can take a family member or carer to this meeting.


If successful, you will have an approved plan mailed to your address. You then need to turn your plan into actions.

You will need to find providers to help deliver your supports. CCPC can help you with this. If you weren’t successful the first time, you can re-book again. You will probably need to invest more in preparation for the 2nd meeting.

Turning a plan into action

To get the providers to do anything, you need to upload your plan to the Portal. The NDIS Price Guide will give you the Support Categories and Items to enter. Your plan may have an allowance for a Support Co-Ordinator. If so, they can help you do this.

CCPC can offer help whether you have Support coordination or are self managing.

Managing your plan

You can decide to Manage your own plan, get the NDIS to manage it, or get a provider to manage it.

Talk to people and gather information on what is your best course of action. Keep your paperwork, such as invoices and agreements. You will need to monitor and budget your spending per month to make sure you don’t overspend or underspend to your plan. CCPC also offers financial plan management to help you monitor budget and service delivery.

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