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Health on the Streets

A new service developed by Central Coast Primary Care

HOTS will be an expanded and innovative mobile outreach service which draws from Central Coast Primary Care’s existing experience and expertise.

HOTS will provide medical assessments, treatments and interventions to the homeless and rough sleepers on the NSW Central Coast.  It includes a clinical workforce that will provide comprehensive assessment, care co-ordination and clinical intervention for homeless persons in the community who are experiencing mental illness and co-morbid physical health and chronic health conditions.

CCPC’s Partners in Recovery program operated an Assertive Homeless Outreach (AHO) service for almost 3 years.  The Partners in Recovery (PIR) program provided the capacity for AHO however with PIR closing nationally in June 2019, this new funding would allow CCPC to continue with AHO and expand the service to include the medical and psychological components.

HOTS will identify, support, build rapport, provide medical and psychological assessments and interventions and then, through the development of relationships with the client group, refer the client to primary care and mainstream services to better address their holistic health, community and housing needs. As a result, HOTS will “increase the social and economic participation of this vulnerable and disadvantaged group”, in line with the legislative authority for Inclusive Communities.

The outcomes expected from HOTS include improved health and wealth being, increased community and primary care connections, increased social contact and reduced homelessness.